Grace Brosofsky

Chapter Director of WSIB at Cornell Law School

About me

I grew up in a small Christian school where most people believed in God almost by default, and few people actually knew why. When I started college, I found myself struggling to explain my faith to highly intelligent non-Christian friends who asked me questions such as how Christianity could be true in light of quantum mechanics, how I could definitively call one religion true in light of the existence of so many religions, and how an all-loving and all-powerful God could permit earthly and eternal suffering. I wanted to explore their questions from a reasonable perspective and become equipped to have authentic, intelligent conversations about them. I also wanted the chance to make sure I had real reasons for believing in Christianity and was not just a Christian because I grew up that way, and Why Should I Believe gave me that chance. 

As the incoming WSIB Chapter Director at Cornell Law School, I am currently pursuing a Juris Doctor -- a professional degree in law focused on developing skills in critically thinking about and articulating both sides of an argument. I hope to apply these skills in further exploring questions about Christianity and to engage my classmates, coming from many different viewpoints, in doing the same. I have a special interest in animal rights and environmental law and Christianity’s teachings about the natural world, and I hope to conduct research on the compatibility of Christianity with animal rights advocacy and environmentalism.