Kevin Gibby

Chapter Director of WSIB at Georgia State University

About me

I almost walked away from my family's belief in Christianity because no one could answer my questions about how science and religion could be compatible. It took me many years to find satisfactory answers to my most pressing questions. I still have questions, but I now I have a better idea of where to look for answers and I have the members of Why Should I Believe to help me.

Now that I have investigated some of the questions about religion, I realize just about everyone has the same questions, yet very few people have answers. This is why I am leading a new chapter at Georgia State University. I want to provide a space for questions to be asked and evidence presented because I am confident the evidence and arguments will lead us to a belief in Christianity. There is no need to “just believe” in Christianity, because there are really good reasons to think it is actually true.

It is my goal to obtain a PhD in the field of philosophy of information. I want to combine philosophy and the skills I learned while obtaining my Bachelor’s of Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech to ask questions like: “What is the difference between Information and Data?” To prepare for PhD-level philosophy research, I am pursing a Master’s of Philosophy from Georgia State.